A Wonderful Festive Season!

And a truly massive thank you to an incredibly generous Dragon Toys in Teddington and WHSmith Staines!

We hope you have had an absolutely smashing Christmas and have seen in the New Year in style. Here’s to a wonderful 2023 for everybody!

The Christmas period is always a busy time for Child Contact Centres, as understandably, parents want to spend time with their children and have some lovely family festivities together.

As always we were ready to go and really looking forward to the Christmas season and with First Steps Child Contact Centre tinselled up the eyeballs, the Christmas tree taking pride of place in the entrance, and a huge shopping list of pressies to buy, roll on the festive season!

This year we thought it would be a nice idea to give every child that attends our child contact centre something to take home with them, just a little pressie to open. After a very brief brainstorm, we all came to the conclusion we would put together a festive goodie bag and…. SWEETS! All kids love sweets and they always go down a treat so this made the basis for our bags.

However a bag of sweets, even a huge one, will never last long in the hands of excited kiddies ready to chomp there way through anything they can get their hands on. So with that in mind, some other all time favourites are of course, cuddly toys and children’s books.

However with an already huge shopping list, hunting out suitable toys and books is no easy task, especially for a sizeable Christmas list of all the children that attend our child contact centre.

In the true spirit of Christmas and giving, this is where two shining stars really rose up and helped us tremendously. Dragon Toys in Teddington very, very kindly donated a massive box of beautiful cuddly toys, even including stunning quality wrapping paper. WHSmith Staines branch amazingly donated a huge sack of fantastic children’s books.

We were so over the moon with these donations, we can’t thank Dragon Toys and WHSmith’s enough! It’s such a lovely gesture and we are so grateful. It really restores your faith in humanity when something like this happens. 

Dragon Toys not only donated the cuddly toys, but also included packs of really lovely quality wrapping paper. There was a fantastic selection for both girls and boys, everything from quirky teddy bear with a dinosaur hat to wall hangable unicorns. 

Again, we were really taken back by the generosity and will of course carry this forward. At First Steps Surrey Child Contact Centre, we believe that no matter how small or large, when you do something for somebody else you start a chain reaction of positivity. And that’s how we can all change the world in our own small, but not insignificant, way!



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